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Event Lighting at Leeds Castle

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Introducing the
A6000 Lighting Balloon...

The AIRBORNE A6000 Lighting Balloon is a revolutionary lighting system that provides a spectacular and efficient method of illuminating large public areas.

The balloon, filled with natural, safe and environmentally friendly helium gas, is constructed from a unique balloon fabric designed to emit a bright, diffused light.

Once raised to its operating height - up to 35 metres above the ground - the Lighting Balloon illuminates an area that would otherwise require an array of tower lights or other ground based systems.

Of particular note is the high-performance, glare free light emitted from the balloon, making the system ideal for event organisers who need an evenly distributed light to improve the comfort and safety of a crowd or audience.

At maximum operating height, the radius of the total lit area is in excess of 100 metres, or nearly 8 acres in total.

The balloon can also be customised with banners or artwork with little or no detriment to the light output, creating a unique and spectacular medium for sponsorship or brand promotion.

Why not contact us today to see how an airborne lighting balloon can help in the planning of your event.

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Facts and Figures...

  • The Lighting Balloon has a diameter of 4.25m
  • The balloon is filled with helium - a safe (non- flammable), natural and environmentally friendly gas
  • Total illuminated area exceeds a radius of 100 metres - or 8 football pitches
  • The system requires a fenced area of 10m x 10m for safe operation and mooring
  • Power is to be provided by the event organiser - the system requires a 32 Amp single phase supply, or a 10kVa generator
  • Our operator will assemble and inflate the Balloon within 90 minutes of arrival on site, and remain on site to ensure trouble-free operation throughout the period of use
  • There is no limit to the length of time that the balloon can remain inflated or illuminated.
  • The system can be used for large indoor functions, and countless outdoor events including concerts, displays, corporate entertainment, car parks, and
    so on…
  • Cost of hire is £600 per hire (normally a 12 hour period), plus the cost of helium - allow approximately £300 - and transportation and accommodation at cost if necessary
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